Every week there’s a new online tool, and it seems we’ve only just got our heads around email. How do we ever catch up?

That panicky feeling is familiar to many of us. But the great thing about online marketing is that you can leapfrog to the next best thing whenever you are ready. You don’t have to start where people were three years ago or work your way through a series of obligatory steps. “Leapfrogging” is one of my favourite concepts.

For those of you worried that you haven’t yet got a grasp of online marketing tools, my advice would be not to rush, at the same time as not missing the boat entirely!

Focus first on your objectives and target audiences. What are you trying to achieve in terms of a marketing or organisational goal and who are you targeting? Put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience member and decide which online tools might best reach them effectively. In the meantime, observe what other similar companies are using in the way of online marketing tools.

Just because someone is doing something seemingly clever and forward-thinking online, doesn’t mean they are getting return on investment. Watch, listen, learn and find case studies. Then, when you are ready to take the leap, jump right over them and learn from what they have done.

The web will always move fast and there will always be the “next best thing”. Never got around to setting up a MySpace page? Skip it and go straight to Twitter.

Relax – the right time to jump on the bandwagon is when YOU are ready.